Friday, 17 August 2012

Story fragments

Phineus, is  upset  that Andromeda does not want to marry him. Not because he loves her  so much but  simply  because it was planned for a very long time, and kings like to have everything its in place. They  do not  like it when things do not go to their plan. They are so ordered.

But  unbeknown to Phineus,  Merope, Andromeda's   beautiful  older aunt has fallen head over heels in love with  him. It is a perfect match. They like the same things. They are roughly the same age  but  she loves him in secret, and can not tell him how she really feels, because he is supposed to marry Andromeda.

How much trouble this thing called love can be. It makes everyone confused and not  think  straight.
It would be so much easier things if every one stopped pretending and being scared and just followed  their hearts.

Love is love and Love  takes its own pathways.
It has no logic. It is just Love. 

Accept it and be loved...

But with matters of love to one side, the real problem at hand, (at least for every one else in the country), is how to solve that plague of  monsters that the gods have unleashed on the land as punishment for the Queen's vanity?

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