Sunday, 1 April 2012

Educational Workshops

Music and Vision

We can offer as compliment to the performance a workshop examining the performance from the different perspectives, music, dance and vision, all different ways to tell and share a story, introducing the participants to the performing arts and the world of the Baroque. They will be given an overview of the story which is being told in the performance afterwards, in combination with general information on opera and early music.

To start, we will welcome the children and their parents to briefly explain the world, which they are going to enter. The world of the Baroque, the world of myths and fairytales, where nymphs and seamonsters, gods and heroes do exist.

Initially the musicians will speak about the music: they will show and describe the various instruments, concerning the differences from their modern equivalents, their history and their use in music. They will play together with the singers in order to clarify standard terms and elements of opera, such as overture, aria, recit and scene etc, in order to prepare the young audience for the performance.

The workshop participants are then asked to visualize the story themselves. They will be guided and given the tools of the different creative disciplines behind the performance. They will be asked to visualize their own stories, working with movement and objects to create there own shadow plays, encouraging the young people to develop their own creative universe. 


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